Avatar/The Leap Lenticular Transition Print is AVAILABLE at Elohprojects.com/store

Avatar/The Leap Lenticular Transition Print (known lovingly as a “Hologram”) ​has an unbelievably smooth melt between 2 of ElohProjects’ most beloved artworks in one supreme quality print.

Created by Sean “Eloh” Allum and printed and produced by Brian Smith at Fractalseed Studios.

Dual Image Transition

Available in various sizes.

Signed and Inspected by Sean Allum.

Delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Ready to frame. Read More

Nibana-Shumatsu No Tani Release

Valley of the End is a leveled up composite of two older images (“Mother and Child” and “Watery Darkness”). Kevil Nibana and I worked closely over about 4 months to lock the image down for the cover of his new musical triumph entitled “Shumatsu No Tani”. It was a great honor to work with such a talented being and a huge pleasure to charge up on his detailed feedback and Art Direction. If you enjoy soaring cinematic scores, melodic nostalgia and deep, industrial glitch then Please do have a listen to Shumatsu No Tani (Valley of the End).
Thank you for your continued support, interest and engagement. Your appreciation is the fuel of my career. May God watch over and bless you as you journey through the Valley of the End. Read More

Kali Mela Festival

Created by commission for the Kali Mela Festival. The final image has been altered beyond my control and and the font isn’t included either. This is the first image that I’ve created in which feel like I failed to accomplish the vision of the client. They just kept saying “more evil, make it more evil”. I guess if there is one thing to fail at, it would be evil. Read More

Harbinger – Print Release

As the vision of large swathes of the population dims towards the bleak I am perhaps the most hopeful that I have been ever. I perceive boundless techscapes powered by renewable resources and employment for the masses as we engage in a rebirth of the Space Race. It is imperative that we have actionable foresight and a will to build like no other period in our species’ incredible history. I look towards a return to the broadminded, thick-skinned, courageous individual; a being adeptly able to set aside defeatism and claim the destiny that belongs to them. The East is no longer served by scapegoating nor victimhood. The West no longer tended to by Big Brother and dreams of Utopia. This is do or die, our collective moment of truth and our contrasts abide as worlds collide. Read More


Terrence McKenna’s “Stoned Ape Theory” is, to my mind, as plausible an explanation accounting for the missing link between the animal kingdom and humanity as any. The mind-blowing revelations and abstract, alien insights bestowed upon the experiencer of high doses of psilocybin are convincing to say the least. Under the influence of this super salient psychedelic one has the impression of nostalgia and familiarity with a sense of being that is handed down through aeons of repeated incarnation. Application and integration of these otherworldly events are key however. The syncretic, amalgamated spirituality and resultant creativity bestowed by the collision of psilocybin and one’s life itself is the true art. Read More

Behind the Scenes – Northern Menagerie Digital Painting Process

Design Process for my newest piece, Northern Menagerie. Created for Wazshop.co using Corel Painter 2015, Photoshop CC, After Effects and Trapcode Tao Read More

“Khemet Manifest” is Available in the Eloh Projects Store

Khemet Manifest is the flagship image representing Eloh Projects’ new series of Ancient Egyptian inspired imagery. Khemet was the Ancient Egyptian term for the lands of Upper and Lower Egypt. I have resurrected the spirit of Khemet here shrouded in the garments of the dead Pharaohs. Lifted on the hood of Wadjet the Cobra and raised by the Djed pillar of Osiris, the spirit maintains its restful posture as it towers above modern Cairo. Read More

“Osiris Risen” is Available in the Eloh Projects Store

Osiris is the Ancient Egyptian god of the underworld and presides in judgement over the fate of the mortal soul. He is unique in that he has no modern mythic counterpart. Accused by some Judaeo-Christian sects of being a disguise for the Anti-Christ, his position as judge of the deceased soul is more reminiscent of the arcane ideal bestowed upon St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. Read More

Kukulkan Transfixed

Kukulkan is the Mayan, vision-serpent-warrior-god. He is substantially equivalent to the Aztec Quetzalcoatl. Here I have captured him in trance as his visionary ancestor bestows the key of wisdom. As this “bolt”-shaped key is offered to Kukulkan by a teacher manifest of fire, his glyphic counterpart at the top of the frame offers the “bolt”-shaped… Read More

Psy Healing 2015 New Collaboration with Pixel Pusha!

Collaboration with Pixel-Pusha aka Brian Pollet The “west” entered the psychedelic space with a machete in hand and a cigarette pursed in our lips but without the subtlety necessary to appreciate the seriousness of the endeavor. Our cavalier approach to the sacred spaces was both necessary and deathly naive. In suppressing the revolution of the… Read More