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The Night Rider

Night Rider Prints Available HERE

The Night Rider is an emergent entity. She shares a common foundation with her surroundings and is both distinctly unique and completely ensconced in her larger psychic environment. I hoped to capture the exact mechanics behind the phenomena and manifestation of psychic entities. And since the image was created for my friend’s creative venture called “Forever Psychedelic”, this concept seemed fitting.

The Night Rider is the deep psychedelic sister to my work entitled “Royal White Elephant”. I built her directly on top of the White Elephant in the hopes of producing a future Lenticular “Hologram”. The Royal White Elephant is shown at the bottom of this post.

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The Royal White Elephant

The Royal White Elephant was originally a gift for my sister. She has had a dream of visiting Thailand and I wanted to create a vision to help her focus on making her dream come to life. It was believed in Thailand that the more White Elephants a king owned, the more powerful the king.


Royal White Elephant Prints Available HERE

The Royal White Elephant will be sliced together with The Night Rider to create what is known as a Lenticular Image aka “Hologram”. They are not holograms at all but they have become known as such due to their shifting appearance based on the position of the viewer. I’m sure you have seen one of these but, in case you haven’t, I will upload the final product here when she’s ready.

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Thank you so much for your interest and all of your support.

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