COSMONAUT ONE Presale Launch!!!

After many months of refining and perfecting, Cosmonaut One is ready for lift off. Eloh Projects is leading the charge into the visionary figurine and toy dimension and Cosmonaut One is our flagship captain. Trust when we say that this is the beginning of something very beautiful and you will see many amazing designs coming from us and all of your favorite producers in the very near future. This is a piece of psychedelic history:)))

Read on for the Origin Story and Product Specs or Scoop one HERE now.

Origin Story-

At the dawn of time the Singularity emerged into the void as a shining obsidian hyperobject replete with ultimate intention and a burgeoning instinct to populate the collecting worlds of the young universe with its most robust fractal characteristics. This intention became willfully condensed into 12 archetypal beings that emerged from the core of the prime consciousness. These beings, linguistically imprinted as “Eloh”, launched from the center of the prime consciousness extroverting in spherical array to impregnate the earliest galaxies and aid in the evolution of primordial lifeforms. The Cosmonaut One carried with it a most mysterious morsel. Should some unsuspecting nervous system come into contact with this tasty treat, it would surely be stricken by its potent effect:)

Cosmonaut One stands a perfect 6 inches tall. It is 3D printed in full color SLS Sandstone, embellished with Acrylic paint and protected with a UV Matte coat. Every inch of the figurine is highly textured and meant to be both admired from a distance and held to appreciate its tactile qualities. The figurine is shipped in a custom painted wooden box and delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Please Allow 4 to 6 weeks for production. This waiting period involves printing, shipping, embellishments, UV coating and drying time.

Scoop one of these little beasties HERE

Thank you for you most generous support and I do hope you enjoy The Cosmonaut.

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