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Category: Mindscapes

Mindscapes are a collection of personal, digital works and are a way for me to come to grips with the most mysterious reaches of my life. They are totally born of an inspired current that frequently catches and carries me toward my destiny through dreams and journeys both spiritual and corporeal. They are composed of pure intuition and use multiple digital elements from a variety of software programs. Photoshop CC is employed to arrange, manipulate and paint assets created in Z Brush, Mandelbulb 3D, Corel Painter, Groboto and Flame Painter.

Avatar/The Leap Lenticular Transition Print is AVAILABLE at

Avatar/The Leap Lenticular Transition Print (known lovingly as a “Hologram”) ​has an unbelievably smooth melt between 2 of ElohProjects’ most beloved artworks in one supreme quality print.

Created by Sean “Eloh” Allum and printed and produced by Brian Smith at Fractalseed Studios.

Dual Image Transition

Available in various sizes.

Signed and Inspected by Sean Allum.

Delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Ready to frame.


Terrence McKenna’s “Stoned Ape Theory” is, to my mind, as plausible an explanation accounting for the missing link between the animal kingdom and humanity as any. The mind-blowing revelations and abstract, alien insights bestowed upon the experiencer of high doses of psilocybin are convincing to say the least. Under the influence of this super salient psychedelic one has the impression of nostalgia and familiarity with a sense of being that is handed down through aeons of repeated incarnation. Application and integration of these otherworldly events are key however. The syncretic, amalgamated spirituality and resultant creativity bestowed by the collision of psilocybin and one’s life itself is the true art.

Eloh Projects Neolithic Man

Eloh Projects Neolithic Man 2016 Update

Neolithic Man was created as a celebration of the inherent power of man and his endeavors of discovery. The spirit that animates the heart combines with the outward flow of creativity to affect and change the world. Augmented by the elements of nature, the Neolithic Man laid the foundation of civilization as we know it.


“Khemet Manifest” is Available in the Eloh Projects Store

Khemet Manifest is the flagship image representing Eloh Projects’ new series of Ancient Egyptian inspired imagery. Khemet was the Ancient Egyptian term for the lands of Upper and Lower Egypt. I have resurrected the spirit of Khemet here shrouded in the garments of the dead Pharaohs. Lifted on the hood of Wadjet the Cobra and raised by the Djed pillar of Osiris, the spirit maintains its restful posture as it towers above modern Cairo.