Eloh Projects Sean Allum Portrait Bio

Sean Allum is a cutting edge, visual developer within the transformational community.  He takes a courageous interest in humanity’s timeless use of visionary plants and often serves as a nexus between counter/subcultures and the mainstream.  In addition to vision and dream he has explored many facets of our world downloading a host of idiosyncrasies from a wide spectrum of people which he applies to his unique artistic style.  In an endless pursuit of meaning Sean distills his inspiration into visual form in order that we all may better understand the great reaches of the human mind.

Sean attended art school in Southern California for traditional animation and has studied under the legendary Robert Venosa, the widely renowned airbrush painter Noah and other extremely innovative creators.

“Through psychedelic art I contribute to awakening our broadest considerations for beauty. As an exaltation of Life, I create in a sincere pursuit of revelation in order that the inexplicable and mysterious may be liberated within the minds of others.”- Sean Allum