Before embarking upon his journey as a visionary artist, Sean Allum worked in the Video Game industry for 5 years.  He attended the Art Institute of Orange County and was mentored by Disney’s Noah Elias.

Sean has created hundreds of environment and character concepts for a variety of PC and iOS games.

Eloh_Projects_Concept_Environment_10.02.2017Woodcutter’s Home

Cobra Cave

Cobra Cave Entrance

Dogon Boat

Beastie’s Pass

eloh_projects_Sean_Allum_Envrionment_Design1Shamba Village

Rumpelstiltskin’s Map


Character Design



The Professorist

Doc Farley


The Bluesmith

Roni of the Order


Eloh_Projects_Character_Concept6_10.02.2017Mini Yeti Assassin

Eloh_Projects_Character_Concept_10.02.2017Princess of The Royal Order of Chernobyl

Eloh_Projects_Character_Concept2_10.02.2017Avion Samurai


Object Design

Eloh_Projects_Concept_Plants_10.02.2017Various Plant Concepts

Potion Creation