Clothing and Marketing Design

Many of Eloh Projects’ designs are utilized for lines of clothing most notably featured on UV Reactive Apparel by and Sublimated Hoodies by  In addition to apparel,  Eloh Projects is commissioned regularly to create content for Video Games, VR experiences and flyer and marketing imagery for festivals and music events.

Please contact Sean Allum at to inquire about pricing.

Clothing Design

Exhale Po10c Design Studio


 Heyoka  Po10c Design Studio


Heyoka Creation Timelapse

Cthulhu Po10c Design Studio


The Dreamer Po10c Design Studio


Dark Psyche Po10c Design Studio


Digital Creature Po10c Design Studio


Marketing Design Photomanipulation Photomanipulation Photomanipulation Photomanipulation


Flyer Design

Kali Mela

Mythical Creatures

Kosmos Festival-Design by Kosmos, Background by ElohProjects and Brian Pollett

Symphonix Flyer-Design By Psybox, Background by ElohProjects

Goa Flyer for Po10c

Spectral Vision – Design by Eloh Projects, Imagery by Luke Brown and Ken Roeder