Harbinger of the Ascended TrollHarbinger is available in the Eloh Projects store at elohprojects.com/collect/ Available now as paper and canvas prints.

As the vision of large swathes of the population dims towards the bleak I am perhaps the most hopeful that I have been ever. I perceive boundless techscapes powered by renewable resources and employment for the masses as we engage in a rebirth of the Space Race. It is imperative that we have actionable foresight and a will to build like no other period in our species’ incredible history. I look towards a return to the broadminded, thick-skinned, courageous individual; a being adeptly able to set aside defeatism and claim the destiny that belongs to them. The East is no longer served by scapegoating nor victimhood. The West no longer tended to by Big Brother and dreams of Utopia. This is do or die, our collective moment of truth and our contrasts abide as worlds collide.



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