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Osiris is the Ancient Egyptian god of the underworld and presides in judgement over the fate of the mortal soul.  He is unique in that he has no modern mythic counterpart.  Accused by some Judaeo-Christian sects of being a disguise for the Anti-Christ, his position as judge of the deceased soul is more reminiscent of the arcane ideal bestowed upon St. Peter at the Pearly Gates.  The correlation between Osiris and the Anti-Christ is quickly eroded by the existence of Set.  Set was the Ancient god of chaos and was diametrically opposed to the throne of Osiris.  Furthermore, Osiris is the progenitor and father of Horus whose attributes are embodied by our present Christ.  The mind may attempt to equate Osiris with the contemporary God/Father Yahweh but is obstructed by the realization that in Ancient Egypt Ra is the unborn Father of All and Osiris is His great grandson.  Today we must view Osiris as the at-once disembodied king, father, spirit and child of Truth.  Altogether different from what Christians know as Christ but somehow cut of the same mold, he favors all that is Good and holds the balance between dimensions.  Osiris is the unalterable and undying king of judgement; the remains of a dialectical amalgam dismembered by the rearrangement of archetypes.

Osiris Risen is the second installment in Eloh Projects’ Ancient Egypt inspired series.

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