“Khemet Manifest” is Available in the Eloh Projects Store


To the spiritually destitute and worldly minded the temples, tombs and holy places of antiquity were viper’s dens inhabited by frauds and charlatans. To the one seeking knowledge and everlasting life, they were alive with archetypes and gods: wombs for inner journeys.

Khemet Manifest is the flagship image representing Eloh Projects’ new series of Ancient Egyptian inspired imagery.  Khemet was the Ancient Egyptian term for the lands of Upper and Lower Egypt.  I have resurrected the spirit of Khemet here shrouded in the garments of the dead Pharaohs.  Lifted on the hood of Wadjet the Cobra and raised by the Djed pillar of Osiris, the spirit maintains its restful posture as it towers above modern Cairo.


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