Psy Healing 2015 New Collaboration with Pixel Pusha!


Collaboration with Pixel-Pusha aka Brian Pollet

The “west” entered the psychedelic space with a machete in hand and a cigarette pursed in our lips but without the subtlety necessary to appreciate the seriousness of the endeavor. Our cavalier approach to the sacred spaces was both necessary and deathly naive. In suppressing the revolution of the 60’s, “the power’s that be” may have done us a favor. They may have saved us from spinning out of control over the cliff of collective insanity. A half century later we return to these spaces with renewed fascination but with the scars of our past to remind us to tread carefully. We return with a deepened respect, an enhanced grasp, a calibrated mind and we return under the tutelage of our brothers and sisters that have cultivated societies that revolve around these experiences.

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